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Halchal Group is a group of a private club, a digital broadcasting firm and a virtual religion This is the official gateway to Halchal Group.

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Halchal Club

Halchal Group was initially called Halchal Club. It was the starting point of this current group. However the club only existed from 1998-2005. This club is now archieved.

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Halchal Studio

This is where all magic happens. Halchal Studio includes a digital broadcasting firm and a design & publication agency. We also makes apps and websites here. Click below to know more.

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Fun Dharma

Strongly believed by Halchal, Fun Dharma is a virtual religion that teaches a lot of about the freedom and imagination. You can read the simple principles and story behind this religion.

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These are a few products and services we offer under Halchal Group

Halchal Group provides several services which are developed under Halchal Studio. Projects include applications, websites, audio video contents, radio broadcast etc.

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