Let's Talk About All the Aspects of Halchal Studio

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Halchal Group is a group of a private club, a digital broadcasting firm and a virtual religion. This website was developed to provide a portal to enter Halchal Group. The homepage of this site can navigate the visitor to each part of the group.

How Did Halchal Group Form

Halchal Group was initially started as a private club. It was started by three kids back in the year 1998. It was created just to spend some great time during the hot summers. The club was later used as a thinkpad and all three members started doing creative works there. They introduced a radio station, a magazine and a small website in the club.

With the introduction of so many associations, Halchal Club started to feel small. Now when the members of the club were growing in their careers too, they needed something meaningful. In the year 2002 the club also created its own virtual religion. It put a huge impact on the club member’s life. They felt enlighten. They soon shut the club and rebranded it as Halchal Group. It made more sense. The Halchal Club lasted for 5 years.

Halchal Group Major Divisions

Although Halchal Club is not functional anymore, still it is an essential part of Halchal Group. It shows the grattitude towards the foundation of this group. Halchal Group also consists of the Virtual Religion called “fun dharma” which turely led the path to form this group. The only functional wing of the group is Halchal Studio. Every aspects of Halchal Group is completely managed in Halchal Studio. Following is the short description about each division:

Halchal Club

Existed from 1998 to 2003, Halchal Club was the foundation of Halchal Group. There is a dedicated website for this club. Please visit this page to know everything about Halchal Club in details.

Fun Dharma

Fun Dharma is a virtual religion which is strongly believed by the members of the Halchal Group. There is a complete website dedicated to it. You can read the complete details of this virtual religion by clicking here.

Halchal Studio

This is a digital broadcasting and publishig agency. It also makes free and commercial digital goods. The major area of Halchal Studio are: Halchal Radio and YouTube Channels of Halchal Group, Utsav Magazine, Tapasya Mobile App, Festivals Of India Website, Kodamdesar temple website, business management applications etc, website hosting, website and web app development, mobile app development, digital marketing, SEO and corporate traning. To find out more, please see the official website of Halchal Studio by clicking here.

Halchal Group Members

Founding Members: There are 3 founding memebers of this group. Nirupama Mandal, Arpana Sahu and Chandan Mandal. There are personal homepages available for these memebers. Please visit personal page of Nirupama Mandal here, Arpana Sahu here and career portfolio of Chandan Mandal here.

Other Scopes of Business

Halchal Group is interested in toucing other areas of businesses too. Like matrimonial business, online shopping etc.